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 popular statements released regarding the George Floyd and Trayvon case.



showing the humanity.

some statements arent spoken while others are in CAPLOCKS. your choice.


designed to give voice to those who aren't feeling heard or those who just are unable to speak. in light of the issues at hand this is our way to push positivity.  

not to incite war, rage or riot. instead it is a way to beam a light on how we too are HUMAN. we want others to know that they are not alone in their feelings of despair.


when you take one black man from us, it hurts us all and this site is dedicated to those we have lost due to the tragic events orchestrated by the American political system. We honor the idea of government, but we miss, and honor black men even more and hope this is a way to bring about peace and change-without danger.


the letters posted are not slanderous nor are they demeaning or belittling..they are heart warming.. and posted with love. inspired by the George Floyd protest that is happening in right-now (may 2020), the realization came that sending letters to our officials may not work. they may not be read and may be taken as an attack. we have to change the way we are seen and remind them that we want the same things. the idea that anger and confusion make our words fall onto deaf ears in the heat of the moment also means finding a place to freely voice our concern.


 it is with hope that this site can sit here, filled with the loving moments of those we have lost and also filled with the honest hard truths, frustrations and betrayal that black Americans feel. we hope it can sit here, and that people all over, find a reason by coming here to treat us more humanely. it is in hope they read  this content and see that we too want the same make it safely to our families at night, everyday & have the freedoms to explore being our best selves with the ability to make mistakes that don't cost our lives. 


we all have a past, we all have done less than perfect things to make a way and when the odds are stacked against us, we sometimes do wrong but that's human nature and we should never be unjustly,wrongfully nor publicly attacked or killed. 

we want leaders and people we can trust. that is how you get respect. not by inciting fear. 

i hope letters posted here break through walls and open hearts. 

p.s: we are not a political organization. have no affiliation with any political party. we do not collaborate with any political campaigns or parties.


send your thoughts

we never keep nor store your information. you do not have to provide a real name. you will never recieve spam from us. you can put "just venting" as a means to keep this private. you will never have your email associated with a post. we do not respond to these emails directly. for contact, please use address below. and title it "inquiry". 

appreciate your contribution

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